21st Century Man - 1980

    All compositions written by Billy Thorpe

    1.1991 6:52 2.Solar dawn 8:06 3.We were watching you 5:30 4.21st Century man 4:01 5.She's alive 6:20 6.Rise 5:28 7.In my room 5:18

    21st Century Man is Part II of the "Children of the Sun" trilogy that is based on an original story by Billy Thorpe. Part I recounted the tale of the Sun Children, an advanced race of alien beings who rescue the survivors of a dying Earth. The last cut ends as the Earthlings voyage through space on their way to the aliens' home planet. 21st Century Man is the continuation of the fantasy/adventure. The Album was produced by Spencer Proffer and Billy Thorpe and engineered by Larry Brown. It features Thorpe on guitars, vocals and keyboards, and his touring unit of bassist Leland Sklar and Australian drummer Gil Matthews. 21st Century Man evolved into a more detailed image of Thorpe's initial storyline as he and Proffer were faced with the challenge of surpassing the first record. Synthesizing extraterrestrial lyrics, melodic harmonies and elaborate production techniques, they have created a fantasy to interest science fiction and rock fans alike. Thorpe offered the following comments about the songs he wrote for 21st Century Man: 1991: "The date has significance because it's in our timeframe yet just out of it. After we decided to do a continuation of the Children of the Sun album, I knew my first task was to find a timeframe in which things would happen and a reason for it all happening. The best explanation would of course be a catastrophe of some sort. Although 21st Century Man is a fantasy, it is inspired by a combination of current events such as the Afghanistan and Iranian crises and their possible consequences, the rapid approach of the year 2000 and a Nostradamus prediction of a devastating war in the 1990's. So I chose the year 1991 and a world war that ends in nuclear holocaust. The blast has destroyed half the Earth and its population and set the planet in an orbit closer to the sun. For the first time in its history, the world unites to save itself but it is far too late. It's at this point that the Sun Children, who have watched mankind for millions of years, offer everyone the opportunity to leave." SOLAR DAWN: "Solar Dawn is the first time on the album you'll hear a first-person narration. The lyrics are the personal observations of our central character, the 21st Century Man, as he views the sights and events of the flight from Earth into the new solar system. In the middle of the song, the ship lands and contact is established with the extraterrestrials on their home planet of Caledrus. With Solar Dawn, I tried to create a non-definitive ambiance in which the listener can sit back to listen with his headphones on and be swept up into living the tremendous experience that such an adventure would be." WE WERE WATCHING YOU: "This is the welcome from the Children of the Sun to the Earth people. They tell them of having observed them and their progressive self-destruction for millions of years, then chant to them 'the Kingdoms are yours now/So open up your Earthly hearts and we will show you how/To step into another world, another place in time.' The narrator then stands in awe as a billion Sun Children greet him and the other Earthlings to their new home." 21ST CENTURY MAN: "This songs begins Side two. In order to keep the storyline flowing cohesively, an emotional meeting beyond 'space girl meets space boy, is essential. I thought, if there is going to be one desirable male characater from Earth, there has to be a beautiful female character on this new planet. After going through the experinece on Side One, the 21st Century Man now starts to emerge as a force in the story. He is chosen by the Sun Queen as her mate and is completely overpowered by this beautiful being. She takes him to her crystal palace, and in a 'velvet room on a bed of air...flesh meets flesh and worlds collide' - she seduces and makes love to him. A grand wedding procession follows in celebration of the joining of the two races and the coronation of the 21st Century Man as the 'new crowned king from Planet Earth." SHE'S ALIVE: "In this song, I tried to depict in lyric and melody, the actual birth of the daughter of the Sun Goddess and the 21st Century Man. She is the genesis of a new race and it is with her that the hope of a new universe lies." RISE: "The Child born in 'She's alive' now becomes the new Sun Queen, and it is from her that the succeeding generations of Children of the Future are spawned. In this tune, she makes her entrance as Queen - 'Spinning light turns to a beam/And from its center steps their Queen.' Thousands watch as this all powerful being arrives to bless the new golden race of the Children of the Future and tell them of their destiny - of how they will transform the universe and rebuild Earth in the centuries to come." 21st Century Man also contains an additional song, "In My Room" which indirectly relates to the concept. Thorpe explains its inclusion on the LP: IN MY ROOM: "This is another kind of fantasy that relates to every young person today. It's the story of a guy in his own room, getting high by listening to music with his headphones up loud. He dreams of the day when he owns his own car and of being a rock 'n' roll star who is the hero of millions. He's your everyday urban hero and this is his urban fantasy. It's down-to-earth rock 'n' roll. And though it's not part of the story, I have included it on the album at the urging of everyone involved.

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