Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs - 1965

Liner notes : The first EMI (Parlaphone) album

For Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs the road to the top was never lined with gold. Their career started at a time when similar groups from England and America were staging a world-wide war on the pop-music charts. These countries with their large teenage populations were better able to voice the praises of their newly discovered artistes and the steady influx of their records into Australia made the Aztecs' task a most difficult one. But in the face of all this competition Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs set to work and day by day won their way to the No. 1 spot in Australia. They have appeared in every state in this country and on every major T.V. show. Their records have been played night and day on radio across the nation and they have received every kind of award for their success. Here then is a selection of twelve of their---onstage- numbers that have gained them this reputation and proved to be the most popular with their fans .......

Thanks to Robert Nicholson of Sydney, Australia for this one!

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