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Dedicated to a musical legend: blues and rock guitarist Billy Thorpe.

AUCTION - MAY 24, 2017

An AMAZING collection of VERY RARE One-Of-A-Kind Billy Thorpe items will be going under the hammer MAY 24th , 2017 at MOSSGREEN Auction House.
If you know any other Billy Thorpe Fans, Please forward this notice.
“BILLY THORPE: Fascinating archive of an Australian performer recording & touring in North America c1979-82, noted Recording contracts; tour concert performance contracts; royalty statements; bios & promotional material; publicity photographs (c150); colour positives (292), colour slides (198), contact sheets (11), negatives; posters (3) & printer's colour separations for his first US album "Children of the Sun"; cover artwork for his 3rd US album "Stimulation"; 3 large file boxes with documents relating to his tours; the record company Capricorn going bankrupt.”
Estimate: $10,000 – $12,000.

The sale date is confirmed for May 24th and will include a terrific selection of Rock ‘n Roll posters, signed guitars (including Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones & Michael Jackson) & other memorabilia, so this collection is in good company.

1 Torteval Place, Clayton
Victoria Australia 3168
t +61 3 9508 8888

Auction Location:

Viewing Time(s):
Friday 19 May, 10.00am – 4.00pm
Saturday 20 May, 10.00am – 2.00pm
Monday 22 May, 10.00am – 4.00pm

Viewing Location:
1 Torteval Place, Clayton, VIC, 3168

Auction Time (s):

Opens: Wednesday 17 May, 10.00am
Closes From: Wednesday 24 May, 1:28pm AEST*
*This is a timed auction so bidding on lot 1 will close at 1.28pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) and the following lots at 2 minute intervals, with the final lot closing at 5pm.

Condition Reports are available on request. Condition Reports supplement the lot description and provide information on the condition of an item. To request a condition report please email : with the auction title and lot number/s.

August 14, 2010


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-TANGIER UPPDATE - Feb. 27, 2009 -
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March 29, 1946 – February 28, 2007

Photo was taken November, 2006 - courtesy of William Thorpe
and Ric Magazowski

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The purpose of this page is to inform and educate the people of the world what most Australians already know: The fact that Billy Thorpe is a Rock and Roll Living Legend. However, most of his albums have been released only in Australia, and his American records did not sell well enough to bring him to the acclaim he deserves. This forum is to provide links for Thorpie fans to be educated, and possibly purchase items from the authorized dealers (for example, the hard-to find Compact Disks which are still in print, or his books, etc.)

Instead of my repeating information which is already available (see the Links page for the "Thorpie!" book), I intentionally avoid doing things which involve plagerism, or copyright infringement. (Hence the fact that there are no .WAV files here).

I wish for Mr. Thorpe, and everyone involved with his organization and respective companies, to make as much money as they deserve, and, by doing so, he will continue in the business to entertain us, his loyal fans. That is why I have the "Links" page, to make it easier for everyone to purchase his items.

Also, while adding the new name to all the major Search Engines, I came upon the following article.

Billy Thorpe's link to the Montauk Project

Since this person decided to link (uncredited) to my website, without permission, I feel compelled to return the favor.

And now, my opinion of his site:

This person has to be one of the most deluded persons on our planet. This is someone who obviously has WAY too much time on his hands, and perhaps needs to stop playing on his computer, and get a real job. Maybe even stop living in his parent's basement, stop watching "Star Trek", and get a girlfriend. This is the most ridiculous theory I have ever heard of, and I enjoyed laughing my *** off.

PS - don't tell him about Billy's album called: "Time Traveller." :-)

Maybe I should start a "Letters" page, with all YOUR reviews and opinions of it! Write to me and let me know what you think of it!

Extra special thanks goes out to Joseph Gonzalez for all of his assistance,the album summaries, and the inspiration for this page.

Some of the album listings were compiled with the assistance of a neat little booklet called

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Most of all, I would like to give thanks (and credit) to Spencer Proffer, Karen Chamberlain, and Carol Peters (Hi Evan and Jemma!) for letting me work at the Pasha Music House, and giving me permission to keep anything I wanted that was supposed to be thrown in the trash bin. It really was a wonderful experience, despite you-know-who. :-)

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