Children Of The Sun - 1979

    All compositions written by Billy Thorpe

    1.Wrapped in the chains (Thorpe) 3:38 2.Dream-Maker (Thorpe) 3:45 3.Simple life (Thorpe) 5:38 4.Goddess of the night (Thorpe/Proffer) 4:22 5.Children of the sun (Thorpe/Proffer) 6:45 6.We're leaving (Thorpe) 3:45 7.We welcome you (Thorpe) 4:42 8.Solar anthem (Thorpe) 0:55 9.The beginning (Thorpe) 4:15

    Billy says "It was spontaneous. We had one cut, 'Children of the Sun' the title cut, and essentially we were going to the studio to cut a fairly conventional record. We were going to cut 16 tracks and pick the best ten or twelve, depending on how many we could get on the album. When we cut 'Children of the Sun', it was so strong when we cut the rhythm section. I did some rough vocals and decided along with my producer, Spencer Proffer, to break recording. I went home and worked on some other material that I had for three or four days and came up with the whole side. We decided then and there to do something conceptual on one side of the record and have the other side of the record fairly conventional. So it was once again a spontaneous thing. It wasn't something that was planned in any way. It came out of the sessions themselves. I was very much surprised at the success of the album. You can never plan anything like this. There is no way to know. I thought the A side of the album would have been picked up and then people would have gone over to the "Children of the Sun" side and hear that. The fact that radio, particularly the AM radio now ,is jamming 'Children of the Sun' to me is phenomenal. 'Children of the Sun' was nearly sixty minutes long and we had to cut it down to twenty minutes to get it on the side. There is a possibility that 'Children of the Sun' could become a trilogy taken over the next two albums."

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