MUSHROOM NAMES 25TH ANNIVERSARY BILL Over 52 acts will appear at major Australian independent Mushroom Records' 25th anniversary concert - titled the Concert of the Century - at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds on November 14. These include current biggest sellers including Jimmy Barnes, Deni Hines, Paul Kelly, Leonardo's Bride and Kylie Minogue as well as the reformations of its biggest success stories as Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs. The nine-hour show, expected to attract 75,000, will be recorded for a 3-CD set and video for Christmas. Negotiations continue with the Nine Network for a partial telecast. "It wasn't planned to be that way but it will be an emotional night," says Gudinski. "It's been a childhood dream of mine to fill the MCG. Apparently the Sydney Opera House had repeatedly asked for the concert to be held there. The Sydney Opera House, scene of Crowded House's farewell show to 100,000, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. "But, really, Mushroom is Melbourne. I've lived here all my life, my family's grown up here and so many of the artists are from Melbourne." The $1 million event is sponsored by telecommunications giant Telstra and the market leader Sanity music retail chain. Tickets are obtained from spending $25 on Telstra/Mushroom concert pack of phone cards or the equivalent of a Telstra phone bills or purchasing one of a series of 2-CD "Mushroom Story" hits compilations from Sanity outlets. Says Michael Gudinski, the label's non-executive CEO, "There was no such thing as family days at rock concerts in my day, but I expect parents who were into Billy Thorpe to bring their kids who'll be dancing to Kylie." The show is expected to raise up to $150,000 for the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital appeal. Special staging will be built at the MCG so that the acts will play facing the scoreboard. Some acts that have performed at the MCG, including Madonna, Willie Nelson and the Three Tenors, experienced sound problems when they played with the stage facing the Great Southern Stand

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