East Of Eden's Gate - 1982

    1.East of eden's gate (Thorpe/Falconer/Cuomo/Proffer/Slick/Johnson/Balali) 6:19 2.Edge of madness (Thorpe) 4:27 3.Hold on to your dream (Thorpe) 3:29 4.While you're still young (Thorpe) 4:05 5.No show tonight (Kristian/Williams) 4:06 6.I can't stand it (Thorpe) 5:14 7.Nite rites (Thorpe) 3:39 8.Cruisin' [the town in the heat of the night] (Thorpe) 3:46 9.Dogs of war [flesh and blood] (Thorpe) 7:20

    Recorded at the Pasha Music House in Los Angeles, produced by Pasha President, Spencer Proffer, together with Thorpe.

    The LP integrates and experiments with the most modern technical and sound approaches in a series of ten melodic and thematic Thorpe originals--songs which cover a variety of themes such as romantic loneliness, the endless mythic night, the validity of dreams, and the results of modern warfare. Billy says: "What I aimed for with this record was to combine the best of both worlds. I like to play hard-driving rock but when I'm in the studio I enjoy using it as a technological playground. This way I can be freer with my music and not be confined by what radio wants to play. One of the things that made this records so much fun to record was the interplay between all the individuals in the studio--there was a great musical love affair between everyone there." "Songs like 'East of Eden's gate, 'Dogs of war' and 'Edge of madness' were very much inspired by a world view. In America there's tremendous news coverage of world events and catastrophes. I'm not a doomsday prophet but I'm just considering the times we live in. I think everybody has these feelings. People would be insensitive not to have them. No matter how 'down' the theme of these songs may be on the surface, an element of hope is always present. You gotta keep the faith."

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