Thank you for your interest in my Billy Thorpe Website. Most of the album scans were obtained from either E-bay, or scans sent to me from very kind Australians. I have obtained special permission from Mushroom Records to reproduce these. I do not think that their permission extended to third parties. Other photographs (which I have credited to the individuals) were taken by those individuals, and I am reprinting them with permission. (If you go to Billy's "Official" (and outdated) site, I referred Billy to the photographer to have him give Billy the permission to use that photo. (personally, I would have used his other photo, - the profile one ). Finally, all the other photos were expressly given to me by Spencer Proffer, the publisher/owner of Billy's USA carreer. He was very explicit that these were for my personal use only - and legally still the property of the photographers who took them. Sorry.
    As I have stated to other people who have contacted me - why go through all the effort to make a website that is a copy of another website - use your own creativity, and your own imagination. There is a very nice teenager named Miranda who I encouraged her to make it "her" experiences listening to Billy & Aztec music, and the angle that she is a teenager, yet listening to music that is mostly limited to 40-50 year old Australians.
    Find something that makes your site unique - not just a "here is a list of his albums - again"-type site. Yours already has a different angle than mine, since I am all the way over in America, and mine is more of a "list of albums" and "business side of his career" perspective.
    I implore you to get permission from Mushroom records if you wish to reproduce the album covers or linear notes. If you wish to use the other photos, let me know which ones, and I will forward your request to the photographers.

    I hope you understand.

    Michael Mandy

    All photographs and content - Copyright 1998, . All Rights Reserved.

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