Lock Up Your Mothers

    Lock Up Your Mothers - 1994

    **NOTE: This is the song listing (and sources) given on the Compact Disc - see notes below.

    Disc 1:

    1969 (Singles) 1.Rock me baby (B.B.King/Hosea) 6:56 2.Good mornin lil schoolgirl (Will Dixon) 4:05

    1970 - The hoax is over 3.Gangster of love (Watson) 14:52 4.Goodbye baby (Thorpe) 3:34 5.Born in Mississippi (Thorpe) 12:15 6.Truth (Thorpe) 3:12

    1971 - Live at the Melbourne Town Hall 7.Somebody left me crying (Thorpe/Morgan) 8:05 8.Time to live (Thorpe/Morgan) 8:05 9.Be bop a lula (Davis/Vincent) 4:34 10.The dawn song [single - studio] (Thorpe) 4:09

    1972 11.Most People I Know (Thorpe) 4:11 12.Believe it just like me (Thorpe) 2:58

    Disc 2:

    Live from Melbourne Festival Hall (unreleased) 1.Roll over Beethoven/Jenny Jenny (Chuck Berry) 2:44 2.I ain't goin' down again (Thorpe) 8:29 3.Three pigs (Thorpe) 6:16

    1972 - Live at the Sunbury Music Festival 4.CC rider (Rainey) 6:07 5.Be bop a lula (Davis/Vincent) 5:20 6.Mumma (Thorpe/Morgan) 12:03 7.Rock me baby (B.B. King/Hosea) 8:32 8.Jump back (Thomas) 7:40

    1973 - Live at the Melbourne Myer Music Bowl (unreleased) 9.It won't be long (Thorpe) 3:41 10.Ooh poo pah doo (Hill) 11:28

    Disc 3:

    Goofing off at Armstrong Studios, Melbourne (unreleased) 1.Rock me baby (B.B. King/Hosea) 7:22 2.Sick n tired (Kenner/Bartholomew) 4:42 3.Poison ivy (Lieber/Stoller) 3:08

    Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy - 1973 4.Captain straightman (Thorpe/Morgan) 2:59 7.

    1973 - More arse than class 5.Boogie woogie (Thorpe) 3:41 6.No more war (Thorpe) 5:19 7.Back on the road again (Thorpe) 4:14 8.Slowly learning how (Thorpe) 7:33

    Singles 9.Movie queen (Thorpe) 2:52 10.Mame (Thorpe) 3:53

    1973 - Live at Sunbury 11.Let's have a party (Jackson) 2:47 12.Somewhere over the rainbow (Arlen/Harburg) 5:14 13.New Orleans (Guida/Royster) 3:49

    1974 - Live from the Sydney Opera House 14.Back home in Australia (Thorpe) 5:56 15.One day you'll lose it (Thorpe) 4:36 16.Ball biter (Thorpe) 5:06

    **NOTES: Although the entire "Hoax Is Over LP is included, it is edited to make room for other tracks. Here are some minor inaccuracies in the notes (credit again to: THORPIE! by Paul McHenry):

    The track "Back Home In Australia" is claimed to be on the "Opera House"LP, but actually appeared as a B-side to the single "Cigarettes & Whiskey" and on the Atlantic compilation, "Gold"

    The Live version of "Over The Rainbow" and "New Orleans"and "Let's have A Party" were actually recorded at Sunbury 1974, not '73.

    The Meyer Music Bowl concert was in 1972, not 1973

    "More Arse Than Class" was released in 1974, not '73.

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