Stimulation - 1981

  1. Just the way I like it (Thorpe/Proffer) 3:49
  2. No rules on the road (Thorpe/Payne/Proffer) 4:52
  3. Rock until you drop (Thorpe) 4:50
  4. You touched me (Thorpe) 3:45
  5. Let me outta here (Thorpe) 3:56
  6. Syndrome D.O.A. (Thorpe) 5:51
  7. L.K.O. (Thorpe) 3:39
  8. Face in the mirror (Thorpe) 3:29
  9. Stimulation (Thorpe) 5:17
Side one merges Thorpe's melodic instincts with his sense of musical abandon and spotlights him as the fiery rock & roller he's always been. On songs like 'Just the way I like it', 'Rock until you drop', and 'No rules on the road' Thorpe builds webs of blues-inflected guitar lines against which he details the live-fast, love-hard rock ethic with gutsy, streetwise vocals. The ballad 'You touched me' underscores Thorpe's emotional and technical range as a vocalist, while 'Let me outta here' is a powerful song with a universal sentiment about being trapped in a job, a city, a romance.
Side two of Stimulation represents a significant departure for Thorpe as he experiments with exotice dance rhythms - from the reggae-African- acoustic blues stylings of 'Syndrome D.O.A.' to the reggae-funk throbs of 'L.K.O.' to the high tech rock/R&B of 'Stimulation'. The latter is a musical and lyrical blend of automation and sensuality inspried by the jargon in the instruction book for a drum computer Billy used on the album.

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